Furry Healing

Friday, September 29, 2006


The title has nothing to do with Warcraft, a lot to do with me. The last couple of days, in fact most of the week really, I've been feeling rather ill. Whatever I had really reared its head Tuesday and Wednesday and I must have been running a fever around 105 at least. I didn't really check because I didn't really want to know.

I slept through all but the first hour of Tuesday and Wednesday's raids; participated in the first hour of Tuesday's. Wednesday was, or so it seems now, my day for recovery as I slept almost as much time as I was awake in thirty-six hours between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Anyway, as a result of all of this, nothing really interesting has been going on with me. Between working and sleeping I have been grabbing some time to make an effort of maxxing out Alterac Valley and Arathi Basin reputations on my Warlock. As a result of the way Horde tends to play Alterac Valley its making me want to shoot myself in the face, but I figure this feeling will pass; particularly when I have the reputation I need.

I also did manage to raid last night as I was feeling considerably better, probably a result of all the above mentioned rest. We struggled with Noth, but eventually got him, then killed the trash between the Twin Emperors and C'Thun and then we 'one-shotted' Ouro in a fantastical double KO.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

RDX6 -- Alpha 8

With this release RDX6 is beginning to fulfill the 'complate raid solution' billing with the implementation of auto curing. Auto curing is basically the RDX version of Decursive or CT Cure, it removes one debuff which the user of /rdx cure is capable of removing. Of course in order for the auto-cure to be useful we have to be able to find people with curable debuffs, to this end a 'curable' filter option has been added.

This release has the major convenience feature I've been after as well which is the ability to quickly switch desktops. There is now a button on the encounter bar which allows you to select from the desktops which have been added to the quick desktops list making changing from my normal desktop to one I need for a specific reason much quicker and easier.

Another powerful new feature is the ability to create and save custom scripts for RDX which can then be used in Binding objects to run a script when a specific binding is used. I imagine this will allow people who are power users to do some really incredible things with their RDX bindings.

Alpha highlights have also been added. Alpha highlights work similarly to the color highlights released in Alpha 5 except instead of overlaying a color on the bar they change the alpha level of it. I personally thing I will use this over the color highlights because it provides a quick way to distinguish between the two without making the bars appear all different colors which really bothered me.

Finally, as always, the changelog:

Full Changelog
Alpha 8
* "Auto Cure" functionality
* Mouse binding: "Cure unit"
* Macro assist functionality
* RDX.TargetFirst(), /rdx first
* RDX.SelectDesktop(), /rdx desktop
* Mouse binding: raw Lua
* Conditioning/conditional desktop switching.
* Fast desktop switching
* User/desktop/encounter autoexec
* Alpha highlights
* "Me" filter
* Wenge's class sort


Sunday, September 24, 2006


Thanks to the 'Post Your UI' thread on the EJ forums I found this extremely neat addon called Sprocket which allows the user to create custom radial menus which pop up at the press of a key binding.

Sprocket lets you set up to eight different key binds for menus, so 8 different menus plus any sub-menus attached to them. Each menu has 8 slots available for actions (macros or spells) or items.

I feel like this is a really great addon which will take some time to get used to as well as to find out the best ways to use it. Obviously you wouldn't want to bind really frequently used actions to it, but other things such as consumables (ones that don't require perfect timing to use) may not be a bad idea and it could really save some bar space.