Furry Healing

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust

Not much to say here other than I made another raid, we killed another boss. Ouro goes done, I was there and have the screenshot to prove it.

I really enjoyed the fight and I think it will definately be a repeatable kill for us even though it was a little heavy on the Nature Protection consumables they're pretty cheap to make.

Good fight and good night.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

RDX6 Module -- Quill

All I can say about it is inspired by Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, "Whoa."

Feature Announcement - Quill
Submitted by root on Tue, 2006-09-19 17:24.
Quill is a synchronized digital whiteboard for RDX. In short, it allows you to draw diagrams on a free-form canvas while everyone in your raid group watches in realtime.

With Quill, you can:

* Draw with squares, circles, polygons or freehand.
* Place text or icons in your drawings.
* Draw on a zoomable, movable canvas.
* Import maps from Atlas directly into your drawings.
* Broadcast your drawings to your raid group in realtime.
* Save your drawings into the RDX filesystem and load them for later use.

Quill is currently in internal testing and will be available as a post-release module for RDX6. If you're wondering why an RDX membership is worthwhile for you and your guild, look no further, because we will continue to release power tools like this as time goes on in order to deliver maximum value to our members.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

UI Changes are Fun!

Being the quirky oddball person I am, despite having told the officer core last night I wouldn't be around too much in the future I decided to log on today and fart around with my UI a bit. The idea of the changes was to give myself a smaller memory footprint and retain the functionality I had grown accustomed to. I also wanted to check out some new mods.

The biggest change, despite it not being a terribly visual one, was a switch from Flexbar to Bongos. I'd heard good things about Bongos from a number of people and I wasn't really using the extra functionality provided by Flexbar for my Druid's UI. I will have to reconsider dropping it for some other characters who do use a bit more of the scripting and events available in Flexbar.

I also made the change from Titan Panel to FuBar 2.0 again because of the smaller memory footprint. The thing which had really kept me from switching earlier was I couldn't find the plugins which matched the Titan Panel functionality I was most interested in. It actually turns out the functionality has been there all along but weren't posted on the UI sites I used most (hi wowinterface!).

I also wanted to try out a new addon called Heart. I wanted it to replace the Healing Estimator addon I was using. Unfortunately I haven't been able to set it up to do what I want yet and so may be switching back soon.

Aside from the specific addon changes I also redid the layout a bit, moving the map to the bottom center freeing up real estated for buffs in the upper right. The catalyst for this layout change was the Elkano's Buff Bar addon I wanted to try.

It ended up looking like this way..

Viscidus Down

While I was away over the weekend my guild also took the time to learn and kill Viscidus. I (obviously) wasn't there but I thought I'd give the update and post the kill shot. Congratulations guys and gals.

RDX6 -- Alpha 7

As previously mentioned Alpha 7 of RDX6 was released recently. I don't have jack to report about it because, well, I haven't used it really.

But I do have access to the changelog which I won't keep from you any longer so here it is.

Full Changelog
Alpha 7
* Bossmod API
* Sort by numerical HP
* RPC code and protocol cleanup
* RPC compression (thanks Wenge)
* Spell name entry box (thanks Wenge)
* New scheduling algorithms to reduce garbage creation in the scheduler.
* Virtual object support

The major change is the first cut of the things required to write and run Boss Mods for RDX6. Apparently there are some around somewhere on the RDX6 Member Forums, but I haven't taken the time to get them up and running let alone test them out.


Monday, September 18, 2006

I Need to Drink a lot of Beer, Fast

This past weekend my brother and I went up to visit some friends in Connecticut. The entry title is actually a partial quote, the whole thing was something like..

I'm feeling pretty hung over right now and the smell of that beer she has is doing funny things to my stomach. I think I need to drink a lot of beer fast to just power through this.

For me it was one of the funnier things said over the weekend. Funniest thing seen award goes to a fellow who performed a certain "Mentos & Coke" experiment inspired by..

You see our experimenter wasn't quite sure it would work at all, so after dropping the Mentos in he kept his face hovering over the bottle of Diet Coke just long enough to have it explode all over his face. It was probably the most hilarious thing I've seen in the last five years and if the video of it gets uploaded I will be sure to share it... oh yes, it was indeed recorded.

Asside from all of this, I haven't been logged in to World of Warcraft since sometime Thursday (I think?) evening and so haven't really had a chance to experiment with the new changes to RDX6. I also informed the guild leadership today I probably won't be around as regularly as I was before, its been really nice to take a break from WoW and enjoy some of the fun things in life. As a result this blog may change focus a bit.