Furry Healing

Friday, October 06, 2006


Last night my brother, a friend and I went to see Gomez at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan. The Ballroom is a pretty awesome little venue from what I saw last night.

I had only heard a couple of songs my brother made me listen to before we went to the show so I was only somewhat aware of what to expect. However, I really enjoyed the music and the performance. The show itself was amazing and it turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable night.

If you haven't heard of Gomez I'd encourage you to check them out, definately worth listening to.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Work for me has been a little strange lately. As I've mentioned before (I think) I'm a Java Developer for a small company. Recently I changed projects and have since been put on a new on as well. This means I have to pieces of software I'm supposed to be working to develop and or maintain.

The strange thing about this is I haven't really been tasked for either of them. Due to not really having work to do, I've been able to indulge in some day time battlegrounding. Now I've been playing my Warlock rather than my Druid because, to be quite honest, I really miss blowing stuff up.

In order to conform with my desire to blow stuff up I also respecced my Warlock to a Nightfall/Conflagrate build. This is basically a purely offensive kill stuff before it kills you build. It doesn't offer a whole lot in the way of survival, but I've been able to take a couple down with me before I run myself dry.

All in all its been fun, but I've been playing mostly Alterac Valley in order to get my hands on those fairly decent off-hands Therazane's Touch and Tome of Shadow Force. After a couple days of mid-day battlegrounding in Alterac Valley I finished today.

I'm extremely glad to be finished too. It seems a lot of the competition which used to be held between groups when it was just our server competing against each other is gone and its all about the reputation grind which could get terribly frustrating.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

C'Thun Owned

Through the week we'd cleared all of Ahn'Qiraj save C'Thun. Which means we had all of Sunday, our big raid day, to work on the Old God. Right around 8:40 he fell in two vulnerabilities after multiple attempts, most of them ugly.

Not much more to say besides 'HOOAH!' and show pictures.

RDX6 -- Alpha 8 Interim Releases and Alpha 9

A lot has gone on since the last time I wrote about RDX6. There have been four interim releases all containing a significant amount of content and then a final Alpha release.

The first interim release contained a first batch of bossmods for RDX6. These bossmods covered most of Naxxramas, omitting only one boss in the Death Knight wing and having only partially completed Four Horsemen module. I have only gotten to use one of them, specifically the one for Noth the Plaugebringer and to be perfectly honest when I did, the Big Wigs version was better. The RDX bossmod did not seem to wait until the Curse of the Plaguebringer was cast until beginning to count to the next one, which is important because it is a cooldown ability not on a straight timer. However, I am certain the bossmods will be improved over time.

The second interim release was for a raid status module. This provided a framework for the creation of statistics which constituted interesting raid status information for the individual. The statistics work off of Sets created by Filter objects so its mostly using things which people are already familiar with.

In the third interim release there were some improvements made to the debuff auto-curing. The improvements include things like a blacklist and the ability to prioritize by creating a Set which contains those who are a priority.

The fourth interim release included a 'styles' module which allows the user to change the way the the default frames look. I haven't had a chance to experiment with this yet so I can't say much.

Alpha 9 appears to be an inclusion of all the interim releases plus some polish.

Full Changelog
Alpha 9
* Assist Frame feature added, enabling the ability to make "assist windows"
* New sort option "Set Order" -- when used with a NominativeSet, will sort the entries in the order in which they appear in the NominativeSet editor.
* Styles module added
* Added Morfina's window list idea.
* Bugfix/RaidStatus: fixed occasional invalid unit erros.
* Bugfix: Font Not Set should finally be eliminated.
* Possible bugfix: Fixed a race condition in the alert code. Might fix the distorted graphics, not sure.
* IMPORTANT Deprecated VFL code has been removed. Versions of VFL past 20060930 will NOT WORK with RDX5
* VFL now has a Lua error handling facility complete with stack traces.
* Fixed various RPC bugs.
* Feature Editor will no longer remove invalid features. Errored features will be colored yellow in the list; impossible features will be colored red.
* Feature Editor will now show an "errors" popup at the bottom describing the most recent errors found.
* Wenge's multi target system added.
* Bugfix: Buffs with the same texture will no longer break things.
* Raid Status module added.
* Debuff curing: /rdx curefrom command added - allows the selection of a set or sort from which to cure.
* Debuff curing: LoS/OOR blacklist added.
* RaidStatus: display preferences now inhere to the Statistic object rather than the rendering feature.